Creative ways to display houseplants: make your place a green dream!

Creative ways to display houseplants: make your place a green dream!

Houseplants make our homes sing and come alive! Displaying them creatively can really transform a space by adding texture, living colour and shape. Plant decor is a big trend right now - whether you're a fully-fledged plant parent or just getting started, here are my personal top 5 favourite ways to showcase greenery indoors:

1. Plant hangers & hooks: Indoor hanging plants can make a big impact in a room and are a fantastic way to utilise your vertical space and add visual interest. They’re an easy, and affordable, way to fill an empty corner or alcove, add a pop of colour and create dimension in a room. Our wooden plant hooks are available in a variety of designs and an array of gorgeous colours – group a few together at different heights to create a dynamic display or place a single statement planter in a prominent spot.

2. Wall-mounted shelves: Maximize space by installing wall-mounted shelves to display your plant collection. Our FOY wooden plant shelves, available in two sizes, are a great option if you’ve got limited space but still want to fill your room with beautiful greenery. Arrange them asymmetrically for an eclectic look and mix in decorative elements like mirrors, artwork and interesting objects that you love.

3. Terrariums: Terrariums offer a captivating way to showcase small plants, creating miniature ecosystems within glass enclosures. I’ve recently added one to our lounge - sourced from my favourite Brighton-based houseplant expert - Hugo & Green - and it’s like a little pot of joy...and low maintenance too!

4. Plant stands: Elevate your greenery with stylish plant stands, allowing your houseplants to become a focal point of a room. There are so many different styles out there, you'll easily find one which compliments your room aesthetic. Have a look at the Oliver Bonas range, I particularly love the ceramic pots and black iron stands. Don't forget to position them near a window to provide ample sunlight for your plants.

5. Trellises: Create indoor jungle vibes with a tropical climber - the Monstera Monkey Leaf is a real showstopper which we have in our own home. Tame the gorgeous trailing vines with some eye-catching wall hooks and it'll give any room the wow factor.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform any space into a lush oasis filled with beautiful greenery. The possibilities for displaying houseplants are endless - experiment with different arrangements, textures and heights to see what works best for your space and style. Not only will your plants thrive but they'll bring joy and tranquility to your home.

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