colourful wall plant hanger for trailing house plants

My top 5 trailing houseplants

Nothing beats the vibe of houseplants! If you end up running out of table or floor space for pots, as long as there is available vertical space a houseplant collection can continue to flourish with wall plant hangers.

Hanging your plants has got serious perks. They add texture, living colour and dimension to a space and are such a simple and effective way to transform a bare wall or an empty corner. Combine them with our plant hooks – available in an array of colours – to really make a wall pop.

It’s no secret we love our houseplants! We’ve curated a list of our top 5 beautiful, easy-care trailing houseplants – all of which feature in our own little urban jungle - to help you decide which one you might like.

Pothos [Epipremnum]

Probably one of the most common houseplants out there and one of the easiest to look after. Also known as Devil’s Ivy - don’t let that put you off though! - this beautiful plant with heart-shaped leaves comes in many different varieties and colours. A great option for beginners and perfect for hanging.

Silver Vine or Pothos [Scindapsus pictus]

This is a stunning plant with gorgeous heart-shaped green/grey matte leaves with reflective silvery markings. A stand-out plant which is really easy to grow, it will quickly start to trail beautifully.

Fishbone Cactus [Epiphyllum anguliger]

This cactus is truly a unique plant and one of my personal favourites. The wavy-edged leaves (which look like fish bones) are a real show stopper – once it reaches a certain size the leaves begin to trail. Mine hasn’t bloomed yet but apparently the flowers are quite something and often open up only at night.

Blue Star Fern [Phlebodium aureum]

One of my favourite statement ferns with funky elongated fronds. Their green-blue crinkly leaves change colour depending on how they catch the light. I’ve lost a few ferns over the years but have had success with this one. Looks stunning suspended from a plant hanger.

Mistletoe Cactus [Rhipsalis crispata]

An unusual tropical jungle cactus with very special lush foliage. Its stunning scalloped petal leaves are segmented so as they tumble downwards it gives a branched chain effect. Easy to care for, this certainly is a wow houseplant and I love mine.

Houseplants are such an easy and affordable way to make a big impact in a space. By elevating them you really make them a focal point of the room so that they catch your eye more often. If you’re looking for some creative ways to display your plants have a look at our Botanical collection of colourful wooden plant hangers and plant shelves, perfect for creating vibrant living walls.

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