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The Benefits of Houseplants

The Botanical collection from Sarus Originals allows you to elevate your houseplants and create a wall of living art. Our range of wooden plant hangers and plant shelves come in a variety of designs, colours and sizes to complement your interior. Transform an alcove or unused corner into a vibrant space full of colour and life.

Houseplants not only create a spectacular visual impression but also have both mental and physical benefits to your wellbeing. Here we look at those in more detail and hope it will encourage you to fill your home with nature.

Say goodbye to stress, feel calmer, more relaxed..

It is well known that spending time in nature is beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing. A walk in a local park or through the countryside is both calming and revitalising. Surrounding your self with nature in your own home has the same impact.

As well as filling your home with plants tending for them is also shown to be therapeutic. ‘Indoor gardening’ is a soothing process and a welcome distraction from the pressures of life, reducing the body’s stress responses. Not having any outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t be green fingered and reap the benefits of working with nature.

Feel energised and productive..

Studies have found that plants in the workplace or your home office increase both productivity and creativity. Reaction times are increased, stress levels are lowered, and attention levels and memory are boosted. Fill you work area with greenery and boost your productivity.

Purify the air you breathe..

Indoor air pollution can cause headaches, tiredness, and congested sinuses. Filling your home with plants can help reduce these problems as they absorb the toxins that act as triggers. Spider plants, snake plants, and aloe vera are all excellent, low maintenance varieties that will improve the air quality within your home.


As well as purifying the air we breathe houseplants also act as humidifiers releasing moisture into the air. Modern heating systems can dry out our homes and workplaces, and ultimately our bodies. The addition of plants such as ferns can combat the associated negative health consequences.

Banish the winter blues..

It is easy to feel down during the dark winter months but adding greenery to you home or office can improve your mood leaving you calmer and happier. Shorter days and chilly temperatures make it harder to get out into nature but a few houseplants can fill this void and boost your sense of wellbeing.

A more tranquil home..

If you find your peace and quiet is disturbed by neighbours or road noise try creating a wall of large leafed varieties that will absorb intrusive sounds. Our STEM plant hook range is perfect for creating a living wall that will cushion these sounds creating a calmer, more tranquil space.

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