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What is Valchromat®?

Our first efforts at making our GEO wall hook from various hardwoods and softwoods as well as engineered boards such as ply had mixed success. We knew we wanted to inject some colour into the design and it was important that the material was stable and not prone to warping in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. It also needed to be strong enough to cope with weight bearing and general wear and tear. It was a frustrating process and eventually led us to try Valchromat®, a product we had used in the refurbishment of our kitchen.

What is Valchromat®?

Outside the world of design and construction Valchromat® is not widely known. Launched in Paris in 1998 it has gone on to be awarded numerous accolades for its technological innovation, and is considered one of the most robust and versatile wood products on the market. Valchromat® combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colour created through organic dyes. These were exactly the attributes we had been looking for when making our products.

Valchromat® and the environment:

Valchromat® has outstanding eco credentials which is extremely important to us and our customer base. Made from recycled softwood such as waste wood from branches and chips found on forest floors and sawmills, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market. These waste products are reduced to wood fibres which are impregnated with organic dyes and then bound together with a resin and compressed into sheets. The company’s manufacturing plant in Portugal generates enough biomass to sustain its thermal energy requirements, without burning any fossil fuels. Combine this with FSC cerification and it’s clear that Valchromat® is an exceptional material.

Our work with Valchromat®:

We have chosen to use Valchromat® throughout our product range. It’s robustness, moisture resistance and sustainability makes it an ideal choice for Sarus Originals. Having cut the chosen design we hand sand and apply an oil wax. The end result is smooth yet tactile and we particularly like the way the natural wood fibres used in the production process are visible on the surface giving a unique and natural appearance.

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